Grain Salad: The Perfect Fall Lunch

September 22, 2016

The days are flying by faster than I can get a grasp on my to do list. I constantly feel behind but I keep telling myself that once I get this upcoming test out of the way I will be able to focus. Pretty sure the only person I’m fooling is myself… or maybe I truly will get to those nagging projects.

Something about fall feels like a good reason to reset and refocus. I’m sure it’s all the years of school, the new semester feel is just engrained. Or it’s the start of a new sport, hello football!! We are currently working to teach Charlie how to hold his arms up and cheer when the Patriots get a touchdown. He doesn’t quite have it down but he’s cute while trying.

Another of my Eat Real class recipes is a grain salad to kick off fall. It’s colorful and delicious, sturdy enough to make over the weekend and have for several days-worth of lunches. It’s perfectly balanced as is but if you are so inclined you could easily add some pulled pork or grilled chicken.

I love grain salads both for their functionality but also because you can do so much with the flavors and add-ins. This one is definitely worth trying. If you don’t have barley on hand just substitute another whole grain- freekah, wheat berries, whole wheat couscous, etc.

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