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Group Coaching

Feeding a family doesn’t come with a guide book, but it should! You want to provide healthy family meals for your family, but what does that mean and how do you get your family to eat those meals?! There is so much to learn, and that’s before we dismantle our own understanding of health and wellness. In my work with hundreds of families I’ve narrowed down the few small tweaks parents can make to completely transform their family meals.

That’s precisely what you’ll learn in this 4 week bootcamp! We will cover:

  • How to implement a meal time schedule *and why you should*
  • How to incorporate foods your family members love into one healthy meal
  • How to troubleshoot common kid’s nutrition issues
  • How to implement food neutral messaging and why it’s important for your child’s overall relationship with food

As part of the program you’ll be supported by Courtney and a community of like-minded moms working to make the family table a place for fun and good nutrition. We will learn what healthy family meals look like and how we can gradually transition over to intuitive eating from wherever you find your family today. This is a phenomenal first step regardless of your family nutrition concerns. My Blissful Meals Framework sets you up with the pillars you need to help your family eat well with less stress.

Group Coaching

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