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Teen Nutrition

Working with teens and helping them to find a balance between body respect and kindness is such an important job.

They come with unique issues including busier schedules, more independence, and their ever-evolving bodies. Let’s not forget the elephant in the room – they’re leaving home soon and you want them to be able to confidently (and competently) care for themselves when you’re not there to remind them. Common concerns during this age group include prioritizing balanced meals and snacks, supporting age-appropriate weight gain, and how to support teen’s body image and healthy eating habits as they grow and mature. One big issue I focus on with clients during this age is getting kids more involved in food tasks and using mindfulness in movement, energy and food choices. Check out some of these posts below to learn more about supporting your teen’s nutrition and wellness journey.

Weight Issues

Restrictive Eating

My Teen is Making Bad Food Choices

Eating for Performance

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