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Private Coaching

Want to feel confident that you’re serving your child balanced nutrition and setting them up for a good relationship with food, but don’t know where to start? Evidence-backed education, sound guidance, accountability and support to help you feel confident in your child’s nutrition.

I work with you 1 on 1 to review your child’s unique needs as well as learn a bit about your family. Together we will build a plan which will help your family accomplish your nutrition goals. I’m proud to serve as the go to dietitian for many pediatricians in the Phoenix area, and I look forward to the opportunity to support you.

The beauty of 1:1 coaching is that everything is customized for your family so you can get success sooner. I work with a limited number fo 1:1 so I can provide high-touch communication and support to you. Private coaching spots are available now on a first come, first serve basis. As part of our work together you’ll get access to EatLove which is a meal planning platform. We can gradually incorporate more recipes so you’ll see sustainable changes and progress.

Research shows that children make healthier choices when they know how to cook and have the opportunity to collaborate in the cooking process. Let me show you how while we shift the foods you’re currently serving into healthy and balanced meals.

Payment plans are available. Services may be covered under your insurance plan. Email Courtney to learn more – or if you’re ready to get started BOOK NOW

Blissful Meals, my signature program, has been fine-tuned over the course of a decade. In Blissful Meals we cover what foods support growth and development, how to handle non-preferred foods, teaching your kids how to nourish themselves, communication around food and bodies and equally important setting achievable goals. Each family is unique, so we customize which pillar to work on each session based on what You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to confidently feed your child without guilt and set them up for a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

Picky Eating

How the process works


We start with a deep dive around what your goals are and what's happening day in and day out. You'll share those details in our initial paperwork and then we get more context in our initial session.


I'll use the details you've shared plus my knowledge of the pillars of good nutrition, to come up with your first 2-4 goals and adjustments. We will troubleshoot potential roadblocks and how to work through them so you walk away from that first session feeling amazing clarity.


You'll get a couple weeks to work on your goals as a family, including some initial recipes through EatLove. Depending on your kiddo and their needs you all may even get some journaling activities to work on relationships with food and body.


We will follow up every 2 weeks, to master and continue to build on our small goals until they turn into our bigger picture goals. We add more recipes and cooking activities in EatLove, and we navigate other experiences that come up so you feel confident in how you nourish your family between sessions.


Interwoven through our sessions I'll cover how to talk about food and bodies in a way that is neutral and guilt-free. We want kids who can confidently nourish themselves so we need to remove subtle pressures from everyday conversations.