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As an experienced Pediatric Transplant Dietitian, I specialize in working with families of children with complex health conditions that require tube feeding. If you’re looking for a tailored approach to your child’s nutrition and tube feeding, this is an amazing option.

Throughout my years of experience, I’ve realized the challenge it can be to find personalized, professional care when it comes to tube feeding. If your little one is struggling to gain weight with a tube in place or you’re looking for closer assessment and adjustment to feeding plans, I can provide closer and more frequent follow-ups than most providers to keep your child growing and thriving.

For families looking to transition from commercial formulas, I’ll work with you to create a homemade whole-food based tube feeding recipe that suits your child’s specific needs.

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How the process works


Upon booking your package or initial consultation, you will receive a welcome packet from Healthie, my electronic booking system.


In the welcome packet, you will find new client documents designed to help me prepare for our visit. It is important that all documents be completed prior to our session. All information provided will be used to create a customized plan for your child or family!


All initial nutrition therapy visits will include a detailed discussion of medical and feeding history as indicated in the new client paperwork, in addition to current goals of care.


If you are looking to transition your child over to a blended formula, your session will also include detailed education for feeding adjustments and new recipes.


We will go over your action items for current goals as well as how to handle any food-related behaviors or struggles that may arise.


Your goals and some notes from our session will be available in the goals section of the Healthie app.

  • In person visits will include a nutrition-focused physical examination in which we assess nutrient status beyond weight
  • Follow up appointments will focus on progress towards goals, continued education, and troubleshooting next goals to ensure success.
  • Services may be eligible for insurance reimbursement, however this is plan dependent.
  • Virtual counseling sessions may be available near you – contact me for specifics!
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