I'm Courtney


Hey mama,

I know you are working hard to do the right thing for your kiddos, especially around how you care for their body. It can feel so overwhelming when you’re bombarded by conflicting advice on the right path to take, and then there’s the sinking feeling you have when your kiddo refuses to eat what you’ve offered. 

You just want a map for what you’re really supposed to serve ( and HOW) so your kiddo gets enough of the good stuff without having any hang ups around food or their body like you did.

I have several ways of supporting families. Read on to decide which is the best fit for your unique family.

Power Hour

Are you at your wit’s end when it comes to feeding your family? Need a fresh perspective? Let’s get you some quick wins with a holistic action plan.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Does your child have a medical diagnosis that requires nutrition changes? Or your pediatrician recommended you work with a dietitian? This is for you.

Family Coaching

Does feeding your family feel like an exhausting game of whack-a-mole trying to keep up with all the different requests? Look no further, we can help.

Group Coaching

Want to learn how to better support your family through balanced nutrition and a good relationship with food? A group coaching program does all that with built-in community.


Want Courtney to present to your mom’s group, book club, classroom or teachers? Courtney absolutely loves working with groups, send her a message about your event.

On-going support and a cheerleader bestie more your speed? Scroll down.


Raising kids can feel like a lot of guesswork and too little sleep, fueled by too much caffeine and leftover bites from your kid’s plate. What if you had someone to take all those little bits that are overwhelming and help you craft it into an action plan that you can follow. Someone to identify those low lift changes that can bring big wins. A Power Hour Session with Courtney will get you just that. You’ll go from feeling scattered and defeated to confident and optimistic that you’re supporting your child’s nutrition, wellness and emotional development. 

I’ve got your back. You know the little things (or not so little) that feel difficult in your day to day. I’ve got a fresh perspective and creative problem-solving ideas to tackle it. We’ll mix your family knowledge and goals with my nutrition expertise and emotion-focused parenting to help you cultivate healthy kiddos and relationships that allow kids to thrive and feel confident around food and their body. 

We’ll start things off with a questionnaire covering basic stats including growth details and medical diagnoses, sleep patterns, poop and pee habits, behavior and mood, how they handle stress and of course their nutrition! Then we’ll have a power house 90 minute session diving deeper and building a solid game plan  for your family. When we’re done you’ll get notes and the action plan from our session including supplement recommendations if relevant. You’ll feel ready to hit the ground running to make small changes to improve your kiddo’s nutrition and prioritize a strong family system. 

  • Deep Dive Assessment to look at your child holistically
  • 90 minute zoom call to build your family’s plan of attack
  • Action Plan
  • Bundle of 5 recipes to try with your family
  • Starts at $397


You sat in your pediatrician’s office and were told there’s something wrong. Your heart skipped and your stomach sank. Then the guilt and self doubt started to brew. You left the office with a referral in hand but still feeling unsure. Maybe it’s not a big deal, what if working on this actually makes things worse?

Deep breath, mama. I see you. You are good. Your child is good. I want you to imagine the best case scenario – you work with a pediatric dietitian on your child’s nutrition issues and it actually makes you all stronger and healthier. You learn new things about yourself and your child through this work and have a deeper understanding of what health really looks like. 

It is possible, and I’m here to help. We take things day by day, and symptom by symptom to build your child’s nutrition plan. I promise you won’t walk away from our session with a list of how many calories your child needs without any solid plan for how to build it into meals your kid will eat, or how to talk about the changes that you need to make. We’ll support the whole child with our recommendations and assess how it’s going every 2 weeks.


  • Deep Dive Questionnaire to look at your child holistically

    90 minute zoom call to educate and build big picture goals with 3 actionable starting points

    60 minute zoom call follow ups every other week to continue building towards your goal

    50% discount on membership community (Feeding Bliss Society) during your time as an active client

  • Starts at $335 for initial consultation and $220 for follow ups *may be covered by your insurance

Family Coaching

A family isn’t just the child – it’s a group and for the family unit to be healthy and strong takes work. You can’t focus solely on just the kiddo’s issues and have the parents settle. You’ll burn out, mama (if you haven’t already). Each family member has certain health and wellness goals, they have their own hang ups and baggage they bring to the table. How can we break those limiting beliefs down and build a singular goal? One family one meal – it is possible, I promise. You just need to know how to strategically build balanced meals given what each person will eat. You need to know how to talk about food, bodies and preferences so there is no pressure, just curiosity and enjoyment.

That’s where I come in! We will figure out what your priorities are, where you may have some nutrition or health concerns and get everyone on the same page. We learn about blood sugar control which is my favorite starting point for making your family healthier *without a magic wand or unrealistic expectations of what your kid will eat. We take the foods they currently eat and enjoy and combine them for better metabolism. 

We meet either 2 or 4 times per month as we work through new goals. We will discuss it all! Down to your meal prep routine and how to get your kiddos involved in the process so learning and nutrition and chores are integrated. 

Deep Dive Questionnaire to look at your child holistically

2 hour onboarding zoom call to get to know the family and set our initial goals

Bundle of 5 recipes per month to try with your family

Email and text support between sessions

Weekly or Biweekly 90 minute zoom call follow ups to continue building towards your goal

Enrollment in membership community (Feeding Bliss Society) during your time as an active client 

Monthly Family Coaching starts at $700 for biweekly and $1,400 for weekly *may be covered in part by your insurance and requires a minimum 3 month commitment 



If you’re like most of the moms I work with, you have a complicated relationship with food and your body. You desperately do not want to pass those issues on to your kiddos but you also want to make sure they’re healthy.

First things first, we need to ditch those ingrained messages from your aunt Sue about having calves that are too big, while we’re at it let’s ditch the old school mentality about choosing foods that take more calories to eat than they give you, and the idea of goal weights. Getting our mindset right is first and foremost – because we need to approach every meal from the idea that we are worthy. 

Over the course of 4 weeks we will overhaul how you serve your family while repairing your own history with food day by day. Blissful Meals Bootcamp will support you with journaling exercises and 4 weekly trainings. Get on the waitlist for when the doors open to the next session.

No matter what option you choose, the big takeaway is that you should enjoy meals with your family.

Guilt and shame has no place around the table and I’ll show you how to leave that behind and really lean into delicious, blissful meals. 

P.S. If you’re feeling unsure which is the best fit for you, let’s talk it out! Schedule a complimentary best fit call here