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Hi, I'm Courtney!

Pediatrics is a unique and wonderful field. It’s so empowering to support families as their nourish their kids. We are instilling life-long health behaviors and changing the lives of countless families, that’s a really big deal!

Supervision is a valuable piece of the patient care model and for professional development. In large scale hospitals this happens throughout the team, you work together and learn case by case. For many dietitians in the pediatrics space, that is not a reality. With supervision pediatric dietitians can obtain more personal and professional development in an encouraging and supportive relationship.

Together we will discuss clinical cases, practice management, marketing support and mindset blocks. Through supervision you will feel more connected to the field, more confident in your time with clients and this will help you to be more effective in your practice and get your families better results.

Check out what Rachel had to say after our supervision session

I cannot recommend Courtney enough for supervision.  She is so incredibly knowledgeable, and is so thorough in her guidance and help.  When we met, she was so prepared, and I was blown away by the guidance she provided me.  She was direct and to the point, came with evidence-based resources, and was kind in her approach.

I can honestly say that after meeting with Courtney, I felt so much more prepared to work with the complex case we discussed.  My fear melted away.

If you are thinking of working with Courtney, don’t hesitate.  You will be so glad you made the investment that will not only help you prepare with your specific case, but will also better you as a practitioner.  — Rachel Rothman RD

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