Toddler Meals

August 25, 2018

Does this title give you a feeling of guilt or anxiety? Maybe both? Have no fear, no judgement here if your toddler meals aren’t Pinterest-worthy.

Are the first foods you think of: boxed Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, applesauce?? Not surprising as these are pretty standard items on every kids meal across the country. While having these foods on repeat is not the end of the world, meal time can be better and more interesting.

I follow a simple formula for meals/snacks in our house 9 times out of 10, because sometimes you just want a peach and nothing else. This formula is something super easy you can incorporate for your little one’s next meal without having to go down the Pinterest rabbit hole. I like the idea of being a Pinterest mom (*language) but juggling three jobs at the moment and a family makes that level of detail pretty low on the priority list. 


Protein + Produce + Fat + Carbohydrate

I shoot for a minimum of two of these at each meal/snack, but the ideal is four. Please note this is what you are offering your child, not what they need to eat. Offering the right balance of food is our job as parents. Your little one gets to decide how much of each they actually consume.

Here’s a look at some of the different toddler meals I offer to Charlie.

If you’re looking for a plan you can easily add into your life that uses small bits of meal prep to make feeding your family go from stressful to autopilot, be sure to check out my latest book, Blissful Meals Holiday Guide.

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