May Happenings

July 3, 2019

Spring has sprung!

Are you loving the warmer days and increased sunshine? Or maybe you’re muddling through due to the terrible pollen floating around. Personally we are somewhere between the two. These warm sunny days are a thing of beauty but we would love to be sneezing less. Another bonus coming are the incredible produce hauls at the local farmer’s market – goodbye citrus, hello asparagus broccoli and mangoes!

Our first challenge!

We have been hard at work creating an awesome challenge for you and your families! Spring brings up the urge to double down on health efforts and to purge what is no longer working for us. With that in mind, we created this challenge to help get your family out of a food rut and improve your mealtimes. You can tackle one item each day, or spread them out a few times over the course of a week. The goal is to incorporate all of the items as they will work together to improve the quality of the food you consume and the mealtime experience. Download!

Need Inspiration?

A couple weeks ago I asked if you all felt like you had a handle on what to make or offer for meals and it was a resounding ‘NO’! While this made me sad to think of the mealtime stress you may be feeling, I also wasn’t very surprised. There is so much conflicting information on the internet and around the water cooler about what you should be eating, it can be hard to make heads or tails of it including what your family will actually eat. So I’ve put together a helpful post for you – this will be helpful if you’re just getting started or if you want to take your menu to the next level. Read on here… 

Recipes not to miss

We have seen lots of growth in the Feeding Bliss community over the past several months, so welcome to all! Be sure to check out some of the most requested recipes and be sure to share them on social media (@feedingbliss or #feedyourbliss) to let me know you tried them out! Quinoa Berry Salad, Apple Muffins, Irish Soda Bread, Naptime Brisket, and Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Upcoming events

Family Menu Planning Class held at Camelback Pediatrics
Are you sick of repeating the same 10 foods at meal time? Want to learn how to offer healthier foods with more variety and less stress?Join me to learn sure-fire tips and tricks to broaden your family’s diet and maintain good nutrition while you balance the different food preferences of your family.
Click here to RSVP
– Wednesday May 22rd

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