Your weekly dose of milk & cookies 🍪🥛 2/23/24

February 23, 2024

This week in the kitchen

This week, I want to talk to you about success – and your expectations. So often we feel discouraged that we didn’t do things perfectly, or our kid wouldn’t eat the food we got. An important way to feel better in your feeding journey with your kiddo, and for your family to better enjoy meals, is for us as parents to focus on the positive and set realistic expectations for what success looks like. If each night feels like an awful episode of chopped and you can’t decide what to make then maybe a reasonable first goal is planning out 2 nights of dinner – so success looks like following through on those 2 nights you planned not 7 nights. If your kiddo is a picky eater and struggles with having any kind of variation in their diet then maybe the goal is for them to accept a sandwich cut in a different shape, so success looks like you offering the change in sandwich presentation 2-3 times this week and supporting your child in their feelings when you serve it. Is setting realistic goals and expectations something that’s been tough for you around feeding your family? If so I’d love to hear more, comment below

Read: The Division of Responsibility

Like intuitive eating (last week), The Division of Responsibility is another research backed method but this is targeting the parent-child relationship instead of the relationship with food. The DOR as we call it, was developed by Ellyn Satter who during her clinical career was a registered dietitian and psychotherapist working with eating disorders. DOR allows the parent to feed their child without battles through a clear framework. The parents are in charge of what is being served, when it is being served and where it is being served. The child is in charge of how much to eat. Learn more about healthy boundaries between child and caregiver when it comes to food and movement here.

Listen: How to Lazy Genius Your Life

Step by step guidance from one of my faves, Kendra Adachi. As a person with ADHD and executive functioning issues (plus a fair bit of overhwelm to balance out my big goals) her calm manner and sage guidance is calming and actionable. I actually keep copies of her Lazy Genius Principles in my office and planners as good reminders. I think one concept that struck me the most was considering all that could matter in a situation and then paring down to what does matter. It’s been very helpful for me and I hope you’ll find tons of value in her words. Listen in

Make: A Classic

I grew up loving little Italian bakeries and these buttery cookies. They are something I used to make for Charlie as a toddler and we would enjoy them while we read stories. I’ll for sure have to share them with Henry this weekend. Maybe add to your weekend plans, little hands love to roll cookie dough in sprinkles! Sprinkle Cookies

Cheers! 🍪🥛

Lots of love from Courtney & the Feeding Bliss team

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