the holidays are upon us

December 5, 2012

molasses, cookies, winter, holiday, christmas, ginger, spice, butter, egg, food gifts

I’m tired again… but at least today there isn’t as much crap laying around. I made a good dent in the debris yesterday. I made it to the gym this morning and came home to get meals ready and the hubby out the door. I took a shower after and decided I needed ten minutes of shut-eye while it was still dark outside. Long story short, ten became 15 and now I’m groggy, nursing a cup of coffee to motivate myself. I’d rather lie around the house all day. The oven is on, there are cookies baking, and I’d love to take Cody for a walk when it isn’t chilly out.

Last night kicked off the holiday season for me. While Carver was out bowling, I was making cookies and watching two of my favorite holiday movies: Elf, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I grew up watching the Disney movie, and it just doesn’t seem like the holidays without that movie – though the 80 degree weather probably doesn’t help. Today Elf is on again and The Polar Express is on, another great movie. I must have been exhausted last night watching these movies because I got into an internal conversation (with myself) about the themes of these movies: blind faith, trust, social expectations, sharing.

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