The 2021 Pivot

December 30, 2020

Can we all just take a minute to shake off 2020? Goodness that was something no one asked for. While I understand how trying those months may have been, I hope you had some reason to celebrate and be appreciative in 2020.

While I fought ‘distance learning’ (home schooling) kicking, crying and screaming I learned so much about myself and my boys in teaching them. While those lessons would never have been on my bucket list, they’ve been incredibly valuable and I wouldn’t give them back for anything. They have molded me and are driving me to make some changes in my business that I want to share with you.

Every December I feel a pull to reevaluate systems, routines and goals. I’m not alone there, right? (I’m going to assume that you agreed with me on that last one.) This year when I started looking back on what went really well, what felt like pulling teeth, what activities brought me joy in my business, and how I want to feel it was clear that my business required some big changes.

These changes will come in several forms – how I work with clients, who I work with, and the kind of content I publish across all platforms. For 2021 I am going to be offering group coaching for two distinct populations:

  • pediatric organ transplant – helping families adopt a heart healthy diet through the Healthy Hearts Healthy Families program.
  • prek nutrition curriculum – helping families teach their child to cook, support healthy choices and complimenting their child’s education through the Montessori Kitchen program

If you’ll notice two trends are the same from my current work and in both populations: I will continue to help families eat well and improve their understanding of food and health. That is the foundation of everything I do in my business, but I’ve realized after a decade in business that I want to prioritize my efforts with these two populations because I feel deeply passionate about them. Both coaching programs will include trainings and time for live Q&A, and I’m working on other fun features too!

Other changes you may notice include transitioning my guide book for picky eaters into a 12 week digital course to provide you with a week by week plan for encouraging your selective eater to be more confident and adventurous with new or non-preferred foods.  I’ll be releasing more information and previews about the new offerings as we get closer to launch but hopefully you will have a good idea of what to expect from the coming year.

Things that I do not anticipate changing for 2021: I will continue to have my book Busy Mom Meal Prep for sale, the launch of my first traditional book New Parent’s Guide to Baby Led Weaning in May 2021, accepting insurance (BCBS, United, and MercyCare) and working with my existing clients as long as it remains a good fit for us.

The Feeding Bliss community has grown tremendously in 2020 and I am so incredibly grateful for all of you. While I’m sad to know these changes to my business means some of you will leave, I hope that our paths will meet again and that if you’re ever in need of support with your child’s nutrition you’ll reach out.

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