December 24, 2020

My six year old son has always been a picky eater, but over the past two years it worsened significantly. By the time we reached out to Courtney, he was refusing all but a handful of processed foods, would fast all day rather than try the food we prepared, and it was a major, daily source of stress for the entire family. We all dreaded meal time. Courtney had already supported our medically fragile heart transplant daughter, so we knew that she was the only one we trusted for our son. Courtney gave us a systematic approach that addressed our specific issues. She helped us focus on sparking his love of food, appealing to his sense of adventure, and teaching him to tune into his own hunger cues. Within just a month of working with Courtney, our son has drastically grown in his relationship with food. He’s trying and enjoying more foods this past month than he ever has before. He’s discussing and requesting food spontaneously. He’s learning to explore textures and flavors instead of choosing to skip meals. As a bonus, the whole family is rediscovering how much fun food can be. Best of all, meal times are enjoyable again, and everyone is eating the same meal. We’re so grateful that Courtney is helping us foster not just good nutrition for our son, but a healthy relationship with food that will serve him his whole life.

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