Summer Recipe Round Up

July 21, 2019

Summer is coming, the time when all of us in southern Arizona start to collectively weep and daydream about October weather. We rush into the grocery store or to the farmers market at the crack of dawn before it’s over 105 degrees and enjoy the gorgeous summer produce from the comfort of our ice cold air conditioning.

We were extremely lucky to have an unseasonably mild spring and hit the triple digits regularly with the start of June. Come July the unbearable weather everyone associates with Phoenix arrived and we are left begging for mercy. I am always envious of people sharing photos of their cookouts, and frustrated by the newsletters boasting fantastic grill recipes. Can you imagine standing in front of a couple hundred degree grill when the temperature outside is 105+ with over 30% humidity??? Nope, not happening… Maybe, maybe if you grilled things up at 6AM and ate them cold for dinner, but more than likely our grill just sits gathering dust until things cool down a bit.

Berries – berry cheesecake bars , summer dreaming salad

Corn – salmon salad

Cherries – cherry clafoutis 

Avocado – guacamole , taco salad

Stone Fruit – grilled stone fruit with vanilla yogurt

Tomatoes – roasted cherry tomato caprese (just add crusty bread)

Grapes – LGO’s Kale & Quinoa Salad (with grapes)

Zucchini- zucchini bread/muffins

Miscellaneous inspiration:  summer in a bowl , zucchini carrot apple muffins 

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