Summer Bucket List

July 8, 2018

The dog days of summer are upon us. In Arizona that’s a pretty depressing thing. Outside of the desert southwest everyone celebrates grilling season and pool time. But down in our corner of the world, the vast majority of us are miserable. We survive by quickly scurrying from from AC in the house to the car and back to AC.

We power through any outdoor chores that aren’t pool-related, try to get dog walks done before 730 in the morning, and do as much as possible that doesn’t require extensive time outside. But really, 110+ degrees with humidity is a dreadful thing. To make these dog days more bearable I’ve created a bucket list of sorts for things to do during these long days. Take a peak…


Water (beach, pool, both) – We have been hustling our behinds off so we desperately need some calming water vibes. As such, we need to recharge our batteries.

Vitamin D – It’s great that we in Arizona are closer to the sun so we can (in theory) get more Vitamin D activation. However, it’s too dang hot to be outside for more than 20 minutes without risk of sun damage. So we need somewhere our family can run free for a bit and take advantage of that magical vitamin.

Cherry Clafoutis – I don’t often bake with fresh cherries. Not because of any flavor preference, but because we usually eat them so fast that we don’t have any left for baking. But I am determined to introduce Charlie to clafoutis this year and cherry seems like the best place to start.

Panzanella – Tomatoes, bread and olive oil…. Do I need to say more??? Oh I do? Fine, I’ll keep going.

S’mores – because America. Extra points if I can manage to get them with marshmallows cooked over a fire pit.

Infused iced tea – a nice adjunct to the boatloads of water we drink, Current favorites are ginger mint and citrus mint.

Salad a day challenge – I’m on a mission to increase our fruit and veggie intake and this is just the latest way I’m mixing things up.

Bruschetta – See Panzanella above, and read between the lines (I’ll do more for fresh tomatoes, bread and good olive oil than I will for a Klondike bar.)

Vacation – we try to take one family vacation a year. Many years it’s to Block Island with Carver’s family. This year though we are mixing it up and will be at the Pacific Ocean with my family. 

Family time – admittedly this is on my year round bucket list from here until eternity because I never feel like there’s enough time with how fast our days and years go by.

Knit a blanket – My soul is at peace when I have time to create. This is just a new little challenge to fire up different neurons.

Garden prep for fall – Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, sunflowers, carrots, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes. Plus loads of weeding and spraying my existing sprouts. Any other Arizona gardeners out there with ideas of what I should sow?? I’m all ears

Popsicles – As the time of publication it is >110 degrees with 30% humidity. Send help and more popsicle sticks

Baseball – Our goal is to watch as much Red Sox baseball as we can get on the limited TV channels we have #redsoxnation

Aquarium / Zoo – time spent teaching Charlie and seeing the world through his eyes is always good for the soul. We have an annual membership to the zoo, which if you have one near you is a genius thing for families, and can spend a few hours there each month after which Charlie takes an amazing nap

Movie – Charlie’s first theater movie, Incredibles 2.

Date night with Carver – I got concert tickets for Father’s Day so we will be spending a night out on the town with huge thanks to our friend Erin for hanging with Charlie.

What about you?? What is on your summer bucket list?

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