Sharing the work of feeding the family

August 25, 2021

This right here… This is a hill I will die on. Just because your title is mom, does not mean you are responsible for ALL THE THINGS. I know it’s easier and faster to get it done yourself, but when the list of ‘mom will do it’ items continues to grow the speed and ease with which you get it done deteriorates.
I want to give you a quick, big picture reminder here. Your goal as a mom is to raise a good human who is able to care for themselves and their people. Our kids will not wake up one morning and just know how to do all those grown up things – they learn when we teach them. When we show them how we care for ourselves, they learn how to care for themselves.

It is never too early to start involving your family in the work of feeding a family. I like to start babies off by explaining the steps you’re taking. This supports vocabulary acquisition, allows you to connect with them and builds those patterns.

As those babies grow into toddlers, give them more tasks to help with. Things like helping to set the table, fold napkins, pick our their plates, put ice packs into their lunch bags, add ingredients into a blender for smoothies, cut soft fruits and vegetables and more.

With some practice you can even have your kids help make more complex things like sandwiches, pancakes, muffins, adding ingredients to the slow cooker, etc.

If you would like more ideas on how you can share the work of feeding your family with your family be sure to follow along over on instagram.

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