Setting the example

January 1, 2015

I don’t make resolutions per say, but I do try and have a theme and goals for each year. I find giving myself more concrete guidelines works to ensure I keep growing and improving.

Last year was all about trying new things and being more flexible with my schedule. While I wasn’t perfect and didn’t say ‘yes’ every time I was invited somewhere, it was definitely an improvement. Some highlights of the new things I did in 2014- ran a half marathon, tried acupuncture, had a chiropractic adjustment, I also tried new foods and recipes (of course). A large part of the second half of 2014 revolved around starting my supervised practice hours to become a Registered Dietitian.

While you may not think this counts towards my goal for growth, think of it this way: all day I am working closely with patients and clients, leading discussions about how to better meet their needs. That’s a bit intimidating and much different than my research job of abstracting and analyzing data, primarily behind the scenes. The experience has been amazing and while I’m beat, I’m so happy I was persistent in applying for this program and opportunity.

This year is all about setting the example. As my professional role changes this year I am more and more aware of personal, professional and societal expectations of me. Beginning today, I will strive to set the example when it is easy and hard- when people are watching and when it’s just the dogs. Part of this will be sharing more of how I feed my Bliss and keep balance, how I stay healthy and motivated day in and day out.

Today I started work on a quilt using a new-to-me pattern. My squares aren’t quite perfect and I’m sure my mom or grandmother could have come up with a more beautiful arrangement, but I think they’ll be proud nonetheless. I also decided that the first dinner of the year should be a nod to us but with a little twist. Roast chicken just seems like the obvious choice for a New Year’s Day dinner.

Instead of using Ina’s engagement chicken recipe I went with Thomas Keller’s and served it with onions and potatoes I cooked in the pan with the chicken and a side of steamed green beans. The perfect balance of new and old, healthy and decadent for the first day of the year.

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