Parental Guilt in Feeding

August 21, 2021

Do you ever have something that is just staring you in the face and for whatever reason you just don’t see it? That’s how I feel about this post. Time after Time clients will come to me and feel embarrassed or guilty over what they’re feeding their family. They bend over backwards to justify why they had to make a choice and tell me that it’s not always like that. When I’m learning about a new family I always anticipate this because I know it’s common for parents, it’s common for us to protect ourselves from the judgment that we always feel, common to feel like we’re not doing enough all while feeling maxed beyond belief. Usually during my first session I have to have a moment with the parents to remind them that I’m not judging them for any choices they’ve made, I’m just learning about what works for them now and for what their dreams are when it comes to feeding.

Maybe you’ve been there, maybe that’s some thing that’s holding you back from tackling a feeding issue in your family. Maybe the advice that you’re seeing online is so far from what your reality is that you feel like you have to get to that point before someone would be willing to help you. Or you’re just so embarrassed that it’s taken so long to get help and that you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own because you know you get everything done you’re at high achiever you’re really smart and you’re great at your job why haven’t you been able to figure this out?

I don’t think we have enough of an open conversation around the guilt that other people place on us or that we carry ourselves when it comes to feeding our kids and so I just want you to know that you are not alone. Even professionals, experts, have doubt and feel shame or guilt when they’re making a decision for their family. As experts and professionals we know that in the grand scheme of things we’re making the right choice for our family or for a child and we can talk ourselves through it, but we still have those thoughts and feelings.

if you’re really in the trenches right now and you feel like you just don’t want to keep things going the way they are but you’re also afraid that they’re too far gone to get help I want to encourage you to just raise your hand and find out what the options are. I know that sometimes finding out the options and owning that there might be some thing to change can be a very difficult first step but they’re also the key to making your family meals what you want them to be.

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