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July 10, 2011

A Sonoran hot dog?

Have you heard of them? Yeah, I hadn’t either until an e-vite a few weeks ago. Basically it is a bacon-wrapped hot dog with various toppings. The traditional toppings are onions, beans, tomato and mayonnaise. I cannot even imagine how many points that would be. I’m sure that I could do the math if I researched how they were made, but I decided to just use all my activity points for the week (28) and call it even, because I may, possibly, have eaten 1.5 Sonoran hot dogs. I was surprised too!

Normally I don’t go near hot dogs and I wouldn’t use the amount of mayonnaise they used in 2 weeks worth of sandwiches but they are the pros. We also had Mexican Coke, again if you’re unfamiliar with the distinction it’s the lack of high fructose corn syrup.

So what would make me eat things like this? A friend, and his birthday celebration. I certainly hope he enjoyed his party because I know we did. We went to Nogales hot dogs (20th & Indian school) for ours, but if you can find them elsewhere give it a try and live a little.

Sprinkles cupcakes?

These were so good a text message wouldn’t suffice. I had coconut, Carver had key lime, and Jen red velvet. They were quite the cupcake: moist, flavorful, creamy, sweet… And a good size. Everything I want in a cupcake. That was another few points… I will be looking up the nutrition facts this morning after some grocery shopping. Whatever the points, it was so worth it.

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