Favorite Amazon Products for Feeding Children

July 15, 2019

I am often asked about helpful products for feeding kiddos – what I’ve used with my own son, what I’ve had other clients like, etc. I’ve compiled an awesome list of my favorite Amazon products for feeding children here (please note these are affiliate links and I may receive a stipend if you purchase through them). If you try out any of my tried and true options be sure to let me know — or if there’s something you think I should add be sure to comment below!!

Favorite Amazon Products for Feeding Children


I prepared much of Charlie’s food and I intend to do the same for baby #2. This is an absolute luxury and I feel glad that we were able to do it. There were many foods that I served him from our plates that were made as we normally would, but the baby specific recipes came from this book, and I’ve got my eye on this book as well.

Storage & Preparation

There are loads of products you can use to make your own baby food, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our kitchen doesn’t have a ton of counter space and I am not a fan of items that can only do one thing so I used a Nutribullet  for any purees or smoothies and it’s still with me today. Other storage pieces that were super helpful include these Snack blocks, Freezer cubes, and Silicone Food Storage Tray. The ability to batch the meal prep and freeze some saved me on more than one crazy work morning. I still use them all – right now I’ve got trail mix in some of the snack blocks and prepped berries in the fridge for Charlie. The freezer cubes and food storage tray can be used later for sauce or herb purees that you can add to recipes down the road.

Plates & Utensils

Having the right tools can make feeding easier and more fun, though they aren’t the end all be all – think about the limited options our parents and grandparents had when they started our feeding journey! These are some of our favorites: Construction Utensils, Bamboo Utensils . The Mesh feeder is great for littles as you can put in a cold piece of fruit and use it when they’re teething. We love the white Melamine dishes and they looked similar to the plates we used and it made Charlie feel like a big boy – bonus was how durable they are.

Favorite Amazon Products for Feeding Children


There are countless resources available on age-appropriate cup options for kiddos so I won’t get into that here. But here are our favorite options for smoothies and no-spill cups.

Novelty Factor

Kids are kids, and sometimes mixing things up makes them more interested. That doesn’t mean you need to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on fancy items, or hours creating sandwiches that look like the Taj Mahal. But take a simple peanut butter jelly sandwich and use one of these Fun Cutters to cut them into 2 dinosaurs and see how fast they disappear off the plate. Maybe your little one is feeling bored with strawberries and has stopped eating them, spear some with Picks to mix things up. We also love making pasta and pancakes in different shapes Pancake Molds, Pancake Pen, Fun shaped pastas.

I do hope my list of favorite Amazon products for feeding children gives you some support and make feeding a little easier. Drop a link to your favorites below!

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