Cookies & Milk 🍪🥛Newsletter, 2/16

February 16, 2024

This week in the kitchen

Welcome to our new series! I’m really excited you’re here, and I’m really excited for this new format. Much like the evolution we do in parenting, there is evolution in running a business – so thanks for being here. With these Friday newsletters I will be sharing something for you to read, something to listen to, and something to make. I’ll also be sharing a big aha moment from myself or clients that I think you may find helpful. Be sure to hit reply and let me know how you like this new set up!  

Read: Intuitive Eating

You’re on a mission to raise children who are healthy into adulthood, who can enjoy cookies and broccoli with the same excitement, who treat their body with respect and kindness and don’t feel the pull to diet or follow diet trends. And I am right here alongside you, doing the same work while also improving my own relationship with food and body. Each week we are going to have a new topic to dive in deeper, to broaden our understanding of nutrition and meal time dynamics. You’ll learn new ways to streamline meals, and how to serve preferred and non-preferred foods so that you can really enjoy those family meals without pressure or stress. 
This week I want to introduce you to a very important concepts which will be integral in your journey – intuitive eating. These concepts refer to how we listen to our body in making food and movement decisions. You can read more about the principles of intuitive eating here

Listen: Car Stories

A total classic that I am enjoying listening to with the boys. My boys get lost in stories (like their mama), and this has been a fun morning drop off routine. We pile up into the cruiser and listen while we drive to school. We listen via Audible, because sometimes I don’t want to wait for things to be available through Libby. Download here

Make: A Classic

Years ago, I invested in branding for my website. I remember feeling so nervous and anxious about the giant leap in my business, and trusting others with my vision. To calm myself, I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them so many times I don’t even use a recipe. So there I am, scooping the dough onto the cookie sheet when I got the email notification with my first draft branding assets. Imagine my surprise when the proposed logo was a chocolate chip cookie! 🍪 I would love for you to try these cookies – if we see each other in person I’d totally make them for you but if that’s not possible, you can make them yourself.

Cheers! 🍪🥛

Lots of love from Courtney & the Feeding Bliss team

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