Cinnamon Berry Swirl Bread

September 14, 2014

My internship started 30 days ago with lots of meetings and a few days of ‘Intern Bootcamp’ and a whole lot of nerves, excitement, and anxiety. I am happy to report that I am having a blast!! Every day is long and exhausting but they go by so quickly and I am learning so much – it really is a blessing.

Who doesn’t love a pastry with cinnamon and sugar?? Several weeks back when I saw this challenge  I knew I had to make it. It seems pretty daunting so I saved it for a weekend when I had an extra set of eyes to review the recipe and an extra set of hands to help maneuver the dang thing. Long story short I am glad I had an extra set of hands for this first go ’round and I will certainly be making it again maybe even with different fillings!

Here’s the long and short of the swirl bread recipe –

  • Make your dough and roll it out nice and thin so you can fill it with a cinnamon sugar paste and some mixed berries.
  • Once your dough is loaded up, roll it up nice and tight.
  • Slice the roll in half long-ways (almost the whole way) and braid the two pieces together. Bring your ends together to form a nice ring and pinch the edges together.
  • Bake and top with powdered sugar.
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