Amazon Prime Round Up: The Best Features of Amazon Prime

July 6, 2022

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver for families. I know it seems dramatic, but gosh it’s helpful. I mean, have you seen the amazing features of Amazon Prime? Maybe if you’re on the fence this will help you give it a try, or if you’re already a Prime member it will share some features you didn’t know about!

You can test it out with a free trial here, and don’t forget if you’re a student you can get a discounted student rate.

The fast shipping and scheduled deliveries

The convenience factor is real. I really love being able to get things quickly, especially when our days are full and we don’t feel like adding another stop to a store. Being able to get a wide variety of things delivered is so helpful. I love that if I run out of diapers and also need a snack for Henry’s class I can get all of that in a single delivery with just a couple clicks and no extra fees. It frees me up to support my family and run my business with ease.


You all know I love grocery delivery, but have you tried the groceries from Amazon? They’re the brands you’re used to plus some Amazon brands, it’s fantastic quality and really reasonable prices. I like that I don’t have to manage any extra payment options or log in details, it’s all within the Amazon app for easy. ordering. Also exciting, they also participate in EBT! This makes me really happy because convenience to these features should be more widely available to different income levels.

School Supplies and Toys

Kids grow so fast, not just in size but also in skills and interests. Amazon has such a stash of supplies that help supplement their learning. There are also a wide variety of products that support learning with a theme that captures their interest. I keep a list of my favorites over the years in my Amazon shop.


I don’t know about you, but we love to watch movies as a family. And we’re definitely not the only ones- according to Business Insider, Amazon Prime Video has more than 100 million subscribers! That’s a lot of people who enjoy watching movies and TV shows on their devices.

Christmas in July AKA Prime DAY

Ahhh Amazon Prime Day is fantastic for families. The first, most important piece is that you must be a Prime Member to take part. Secondly, it’s COMING soon!! Mark your calendars for July 12th and 13th because that’s when the deals go LIVE. Amazon will be dropping prices on TONS of items, not just things for kids but also all sorts of home goods, electronics, and fashion. It’s a great time to stock up on birthday presents or start your Christmas shopping!

Free Books & Magazines

Mindless scrolling of magazines, plus loads of great books. For free… without taking up more space in your house. Amazon Prime is a great way to expand what you enjoy with your kids (or for yourself!) and break up those same It’s a great compliment for your local library and the stash of books you’ve already got.

Do you have Amazon Prime? What’s your favorite feature? If you don’t have it, what’s holding you back from giving it a try? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to come back for next week’s post all about Prime Day deals for families!

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