Toddler favorites: books and cookies

April 8, 2017

I’m in a book club and used to read 1-2 books per month, novels for the book club and nonfiction for me. These days I’m reading 5-10 books per day. Granted they’re children’s books, and many of them are the same from day-to-day but we still get the benefit.

When I went back to work last spring there were *several* rough weeks but one morning I had some extra time and so I sat with Charlie and the pups and read a book. It took less than 10 minutes but it grounded me for the day in which nothing else had. I was feeling (like I’m sure many new and or working moms do) that I was missing out on quality time with them. I was so worried about keeping things together and getting to work on time, making sure he had enough breast milk at daycare and not forgetting my pumping supplies that the mornings were harried. But that morning reading to him before work was a total game changer. I remember telling my colleague that morning what a difference it was and from then on it stuck. It’s still part of our routine. Some mornings now instead of reading we take the dogs for a walk – Charlie with his water and mommy with her coffee (this was another game changer).

Here are some of Charlie’s favorite books (in no particular order):

Paddington Bear

Brown Bear

I Love You Just Like This

Little Blue Truck

On the Day You Were Born

Too Pickley

Very Hungry Catepillar

Chika Chika Boom Boom

Guess How Much I Love You

Five Little Monkeys


What books should we add to the mix??

In addition to reading together, we love sharing cookies. We even got a new kitchen helper tower that Charlie can reach the counter in and help with the cooking. I’ve made these sprinkle cookies from Lottie and Doof many times over the past few years. They remind me of the old school bakeries I grew up going to. I typically make them with rainbow sprinkles but you could easily to jimmies or limited colors for special holidays.

Want more help or tips? I would love to help you!! Drop me a line and we can come up with a plan of attack. If you’re looking to get professional support for meal time stress or if you are worried about the quality of your child and family’s diet, please be sure to schedule an initial consult with Courtney.

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