Summer Bucket List – Recap

September 2, 2018

Remember awhile I go we chatted about summer bucket lists? No? Well here is ours. Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of Summer and people are going all out before the long stretch of work or school between holidays. How many days until Halloween?

With this new page in the calendar upon us I’m using the time to appreciate all that summer gave us and think ahead to fall. Charlie’s age makes all of these times exciting as he so enjoys novelty – apple picking, trick or treating, Halloween, pumpkin carving, etc. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing our fall bucket list so in the mean time send any ‘can’t miss’ items my way so I can add them to our list.


  • First movie in the theater!
  • Date night to see Jackson Browne after which we were absolutely running on empty having been out until all hours of the night
  • Red Sox Baseball – three cheers for the MLB package, and even more cheers for the Sox having a good season
  • Zoo — Charlie adored seeing the animals at the San Diego Zoo, and even more enjoyment in watching their live cameras (PandaGiraffeElephantTigerPenguin, etc).
  • Vacation, though we would absolutely take another one next weekend if one magically presented itself to us.
  • S’mores and Vitamin D


  • Popsicles – if you’re local check out AZ Pops, if you aren’t maybe make some of your own and share the recipe with us!!
  • I’ve started my knitting which you saw if you follow me on instagram (@feedingbliss), and hope to have it done in the coming weeks. I’m learning how using this kit from We Are Knitters.
  • More Bruschetta and Panzanella
  • Garden prep: already done is weeding and pulling the dead material and adding in fresh soil, before I head back to work I’ll get my seeds in (pumpkin, greens, carrots, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, etc)
  • Salads – I did OK with this but I’m still craving more leafy greens with all sorts of yummy toppings
  • S’mores, family time and Vitamin D- because similar to all things bread and vacation, we can always handle a little more goodness.


  • Cherry clafoutis – I haven’t seen fresh cherries at the farmer’s market so I’ll either have to settle for using frozen cherries or possibly settle for next year
  • Aquarium – We’ll save this for fall, our life is so busy currently we are scheduling things out 6-10 weeks at a time to stay on top of it all

These moments are without a doubt my favorites of the summer – coffee and sand and gorgeous sunshine. I could have stayed in La Jolla for ever I think. In fact there was this all too cute store front for sale that made my heart go pitter patter. One day I will absolutely bring a bakery to life, so get ready!!! It will certainly have a Dutch door for dog-friendly ordering and serving #lifegoals

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