Ginger Mint Tea

May 11, 2020

With long hot days I often find myself needing a refreshing drink other than water. Something that feels light and breezy, like a day at the pool even when I can’t get away from my computer. Sometimes I make a little drink that resembles the Hangover Rx from True Foods Kitchen, but sometimes I don’t want a fruity drink so I make a pitcher of my favorite ginger mint tea.

Fresh ginger and mint are a delicious combination and they’re loaded with antioxidants. Ginger has an antioxidant called gingerol which is great for fighting inflammation. Ginger is also a fantastic remedy for nausea, hello pregnancy! Mint has an active component called mentha with various properties including sinus relief, indigestion support, and seasonal allergy support among others. Tea is a wonderful source of polyphenols which neutralize the effects of free radical damage that regularly occurs in our bodies. There is some data that suggests the combination of tea, ginger and mint can also be helpful with fluid retention, but really it just tastes delicious.

Ginger Mint Tea

Ginger Mint Tea Ingredients

  • 3 ice tea bags
  • 2 inches of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced into coins
  • ¼ cup mint leaves

Ginger Mint Tea Instructions

  1. In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients with 4-6 cups of water.
  2. Let brew according to tea package instructions, chill and enjoy!

If you’re concerned about caffeine, opt for the decaffeinated iced tea bags. Note that this will not turn out as well with ground ginger or dried mint – fresh is best here.

If you enjoyed this refreshing drink, be sure to check out my favorite green smoothie recipe – it’s one all the boys and mama can agree on! Are you following on instagram? I’m often sharing fun tasty recipes in stories you’ll want to catch!

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