Fruit and Vegetable Recipes My Family Loves

May 8, 2019

There are countless articles and studies about the benefits of following a plant based diet but many people are hesitant to dive in. Or maybe they would be interested in trying but the rest of their family isn’t on board. If there’s one thing I know about health and nutrition from my years of research, training and practice it’s that things are more gray than black and white.

Some ways I like to incorporate plant foods into my diet are:

  • having a few meatless meals per week
  • doubling up on veggies with meals
  • adding veggies to meats
  • fruit and veggie loaded smoothies
  • adding fruits and or veggies to baked goods

Loads of you requested my favorite produce-containing recipes so I’ve put together a collection below.

I do not sneak the produce in recipes or lie to my family about what’s in it. On the contrary – these are the recipes I make WITH kiddos so they are able to see different ways of preparing and enjoying fruits and vegetables. I never want the kids to fear a food or worry it has a non-preferred food in it as tricking them into liking it doesn’t work – it is more likely to breed resentment.

Our favorite fruit/veggie baked goods

Apple muffins

Ultimate Banana Bread

Berry Swirl Bread

Carrot oat bars – these are amazing warm from the oven with a bit of cream cheese

Pumpkin bread

Banana oat bars

Carrot apple zucchini muffins – I make these as mini muffins, adding a handful of dried cranberries and they’re a perfect snack with a glass of milk for little fingers.

Other awesome produce-containing recipes

Green Monster Smoothie

White bean dip from giada

Butternut squash curry soup

Not a recipe but something I always do:

– When I’m making ground taco meat I grate in 1/2-1 large russet potato which increases the veggie count and makes the texture rich and decadent. I also like to sauté up peppers and onions (sometimes mushrooms) to serve with the tacos as well.

– I like to make our own tomato sauces or add pureed roasted veggies to the mix — this works if you purchase a jar or make your own. This is an awesome way to use up produce on it’s last leg too.

– Beef stew or stroganoff or the like are improved with a hefty helping of caramelized mushrooms. This is great for extending portion sizes and decreasing red meat consumption.

What are some of your favorite produce containing recipes? Or maybe your best tips for adding more fruits and veggies to your day?

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