Don't pop my tart!

June 20, 2012

Oh wow… Yumm. That’s all I could say when I tasted these this morning. A few months back I made some toaster pastries which were delicious, but not a dead-ringer. We, my mom and I, were making them across states. Trying different recipes on the quest for the quintessential Pop-Tart. She went through a few recipes that were more flaky than crisp. Eventually she found ‘the one’ from King Arthur.

Later when we were discussing our wedding favors and Carver suggested a breakfast bar, we knew these had to be a part of the spread. I believe the ones offered at our wedding were made exactly as the recipe from King Arthur reads, but I make them with all whole wheat flour and half the butter. Oh and a sprinkling of sugar before they get popped in the oven instead of the glaze found on the wedding ones.

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