Chocolate Chip Cookies

December 19, 2018

If you’ve been following along for any amount of time, you surely know that we are big cookie fans in the Bliss house. I’ve been diving through the years of content and realized I haven’t shared my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies! I’ve doctored up the chocolate chunk recipe from Flour Bakery and have been making this on repeat for the past five years. I probably make these 10-15 times per year and they fly out of the house.

This recipe has become part of me, I don’t need instructions, my brain just knows the proportions and steps. Charlie loves to help, and it’s a great recipe for little hands to participate. Charlie’s jobs when making these: stir dry ingredients, lock the mixer into position, pour in chocolate chips, and taste testing. These aren’t just great steps for Charlie, I’d recommend them for most toddlers or above – with supervision of course.

As you look through the ingredients you may think it’s a bit excessive, but the combination of flours is so worth it. The unique chewy-crunchy texture you will get from the bread whole wheat and all purpose flours is worth the effort. I am always looking for ways to incorporate whole grains and chocolate so this is a no brainer recipe for me. You can mix the dry ingredients ahead and keep them in a gallon size bag so whenever the opportunity presents itself, you can make new memories with your kiddos.

Before we get to the recipe, a word on cookies and health — I whole heartedly believe that there are no good or bad foods, just ones we enjoy and ones that fuel our bodies. Some foods are both, and some fall into only one category. Raising healthy eaters and modeling good health habits means showing them how to enjoy all foods without guilt. So please refrain from using the terminology ‘being bad’ or talking about ‘needing to earn’ foods like this. Your kids will thank you for it when they’re older– and just wait, when you stop telling yourself that you will have a more intuitive eating pattern!

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