Banana Oat Bars

October 2, 2018

I adore leisurely days when I can spend the day in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Truth is, those days are far less common than I would like. Most days I’ve got my hands full like many working moms, I love having balanced snacks on hand. Having a good stash of snacks and meals on hand helps making packing lunch a breeze.  This recipe is for those longest shortest days, for working parents like me. For families who want to eat well, but not take a ton of time away from other tasks at hand.

These bars can be mixed together and thrown in the oven in less time than some toddler melt downs, and are tasty enough for adults and littles. I’m aware it’s autumn and these aren’t pumpkin spice bars… But I’m guessing there are people out there who:

  • – don’t like pumpkin,
  • – need a break from pumpkin, or
  • – are looking for year-round options to get wholesome snacks into their family.

So step away from your pumpkin spice everything, and give these tasty oat bars a try. Eat them cool, room temp or warm them up a bit in the microwave. Or follow my lead and individually wrap them and toss in the freezer then pop the frozen bars into lunch bags for a wholesome on the go snack.

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