20 minute shells in green sauce

July 3, 2013

Some days you need to not think when you get home. Those are also the days you need a balanced dinner – more so than the ‘normal’ days I think. If you can get something mindless and balanced into your belly for you body to process while you sleep off whatever happened on your Manic Monday (Terrible Tuesday, etc).

Think of it as an investment in a better tomorrow. And not like going to the gym today (and tomorrow and the day after that times a hundred) will make you healthier down the road… but literally tomorrow morning when you wake up after this dinner in your belly, as opposed to I dunno an entire chocolate cake, you won’t want to vomit. Waking up feeling healthy is a wwaaayy better start to your day than a chocolate cake hangover. Are you wondering if I’ve had cake for dinner and regretted it? Yeah – maybe I have, but haven’t we all? *

If you’ve had a rough day, trust me… Make this pasta and be sure to stash the leftovers for tomorrows lunch. You’ll feel better for it.

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